Agustin Salas

Agustin Salas, IAAIA

Principal | Architecture

is an award winning architectural designer, interior designer and master planner whose projects range from Public & Private concourses to commercial and residential low & high rises to high-end custom dream homes. He has worked on projects around the globe & specializes in finding functional solutions to difficult programmatic issues, while maintaining a commitment to elegance and design excellence.

Their portfolio includes residential & office towers in Israel, the United States, China, Russia, Mexico, Guinea & Venezuela; hospitality projects in Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, the Caribbean Islands, Haiti, Abu Dhabi, Miami, and the Bahamas; a modern residential complex in the Andes Mountains of Venezuela; a luxury villa in Mexico and an early 1900s Manhattan loft; corporate and educational projects in Florida and New England; healthcare projects in Boston’s cutting edge medical community; and multiple welcome center projects for the State of New York.

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