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AIRE + Partners, Inc
Architecture. Interiors. Research.

We are an International Architecture & Interior Design practice led by Karin Dax and Agustin Salas. We care about the emotional experience inside a space and out. We believe that design matters, and passion brings the light and solutions to the design. We make corporate office designs, hospitality, academic, institutional, residential, high-rise and community focused projects.


We are inspired by people and movement, the relationship between interior and exterior, technology and fabrication, pushing boundaries, using innovative materials and modeling tools, enhancing the individual and the collective experience to create poetic spaces that fly like the air.


We start with the Symphony of the empty space and transform it into a unique vision. We believe in the dialogue between shape and material, the interaction of all elements. We see architecture as an experience from the inside out where the light comes from within, pushing out beyond the boundaries. We believe in experimental solutions for complex projects, discovering the balance between technology and human perception.


Founders: Agustin Salas and Karin Dax
General Information:
MIAMI, FL 33138
O: 917-379-0104