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AIRE + Partners, Inc
Architecture. Interiors. Research.

We are an International Architecture & Interior Design practice led by Karin Dax and Agustin Salas.

At AIRE, our foremost commitment is to our clients. We understand the critical importance of nurturing strong client relationships, comprehending the significance of meeting investment and budget expectations, creating the right design solution for each project, and meticulously selecting the appropriate materials. We are dedicated to crafting captivating spaces that achieve your design and branding requirements.

We firmly believe in the profound impact of design, and it’s our unwavering passion that fuels our creative process. Our expertise encompasses a diverse range of projects, including corporate office designs, hospitality spaces, multifamily high-rises, and private residences. We draw inspiration from the essence of people and the ever-shifting dynamics of movement, delving into the intricate relationship between interior and exterior elements. Utilizing BIM and embracing cutting-edge technology and fabrication techniques, we push the boundaries of possibility.

We value the trust you place in us to bring your projects to life, and we are committed to making every step of our journey together characterized by collaboration, understanding, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. We invite you to join us on a creative journey where we don’t just create spaces — we craft experiences that resonate with your unique vision.


Founders: Agustin Salas and Karin Dax
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