The AIRE in Costa Rica

Rent a jeep and get out on the road! Our adventures in Costa Rica took us off the beaten path and into inspiring new territory.

For AIRE + Partners, travel is an integral part of our inspiration for the creative process, whether it be for a new architecture or interior design project or a custom piece of art. Our travels along the Pacific coast of Costa Rica were rich in color, nature, architecture, details, tradition, and new, creative ways of looking at the concept of modern tropical design.


The climate and geography make Costa Rica a haven for any type of tourist – from the surfer, to the zip-lining adventurer, to the traveler looking to kick back on the beach and relax while drinking cocktails. Pura Vida (Pure Life) is the phrase you’ll hear everywhere, and it’s truly a way of life throughout the country. It’s slow paced, allowing you to take your time and enjoy your surroundings.

From the tropical vegetation springing up along the road, in the mountains and by the beach, to the sounds of howler monkeys and toucans in the jungle, Costa Rica is vastly untouched, and we hope it stays that way. But the areas that have been developed have been built thoughtfully and with incredible details. From stone patterned walking paths to the design of a simple thatched roof, pendant lights and wall panels, we were inspired by it all.